Yerba mate (from Spanish [ˈʝeɾβa ˈmate]; Portuguese: erva-mate [ˈɛɾvɐ ˈmatʃɪ]; Guarani: ka’a [kaʔa]), with the botanical name Ilex paraguariensis.

Yerba mate is widely known as the source of the beverage called mate in both Spanish and Portuguese. It is traditionally consumed in central and southern regions of South America, primarily in Paraguay, as well as in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, the Chaco region of Bolivia and southern Chile. It is also very popular among the Druze community in Syria and Lebanon. Yerba Mate has been used for thousands of years by the Guaraní Indians for stamina and as a natural remedy with numerous health benefits. Today people use yerba mate as a source of energy and can be found in various energy drinks on the market.

Traditionally, mate is sipped from a natural gourd through a metal straw called the “bombilla”. YMateina is proud to bring you Yerba Mate an more convenient way of drinking them in the USA, as well as a growing range of traditional South American herbs mixes.

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